Suzy Hastedt

Suzy had been a single mom to her wonderful son for several years before founding Let’s Coparent. She and her coparent have a very good working relationship but even they had trouble keeping up with their custody arrangements. A simple trade request due to a work conflict took too much time and effort to track. There had to be an easier way.

They tried every app on the market but none of them fit their coparenting needs. So, instead of giving up, Suzy and her co-founder, Marianne Zielke, developed the Let’s Coparent App designed to make coparenting easier.


Prior to Let’s Coparent, Suzy had over fifteen years experience in sales and marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska.


In addition to her son, Suzy now has three stepchildren and a dog.

Marianne Zielke

Marianne has 10 years experience working in tech startups, specializing in colocation and virtual hosting. She has been a single mother for 11 years and jumped at the idea of creating something that could positively impact interactions between coparents.


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