Why We Started Let's Coparent

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Suzy’s Story…

It’s a very valid question that I have been getting ever since I started telling people about this app. So let me give you a little background. I was with my ex-husband for nearly fifteen years, married for almost seven, and separated when our beautiful baby boy was three years old. We actually did the divorce ourselves. We had seen friends and family members lose so much money battling it out in court, that we decided to just split things up in the fairest way we could.

We live in the State of Texas and the divorce laws are pretty clear about dividing assets and sharing custody of children. We got a little heated on a couple of items, but overall, we managed to end our marriage amicably. And, we made a promise to each other that we would always put our son first. So even if we gave each other a reminder as to why decided to divorce earlier in the day, we would still manage to put on happy faces at the soccer game later that afternoon. It definitely took effort on both of our sides, but I believe it has made our “family situation” more bearable for everyone involved.

While some people think divorcing is hard (which it is!), coparenting after a divorce is even more difficult. Parenting on its own is incredibly challenging, but couple that with having to raise a child with someone you chose to no longer share a life with, adds an entirely new element. Again, my ex and I were able to split amicably and we decided on having 50/50 custody and splitting child-related expenses (sports, school supplies, day care, etc.). We are both working professionals so sometimes our agreed upon schedule needed to change if a work meeting or business travel came up. We both have been very respectful in making custody trades when it comes to work-related reasons.

We had a shared calendar that was working pretty well for us for almost two years. And then the calendar went down. We could not seem to keep our schedules straight. We started having conversations like “Wait? What do you mean I have him tonight? It’s your night”… “But I told you last week that I had a work meeting pop up.” We were getting frustrated at each other and semi-harmonious relationship was in danger.

In response to this, I started researching Custody Apps online. To my delight, I found several that were available. We tried every single one. I am not kidding. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. None of them worked for us.

On top of that, our son was getting older and getting into more after-school activities. We never really designated a way to split our expenses. We kind of took turns paying the registration fees or buying the uniforms or paying for the school supplies. But since we didn’t really keep track, there were times where I definitely felt like I was getting the raw end of this deal, and probably my ex did as well.

So on my quest to find the perfect app that would help us do our best to coparent harmoniously, I came up short…and decided to build my own. Developing this app became my passion because I know how difficult coparenting can be and I want to help other single parents work together. A good friend of mine became my co-founder and we hired a talented designer to bring our vision to life. The custody calendar is very simple to use and making custody trades is streamlined. I am not one of those people who likes to ask someone for money, so I love the easy payment request feature to help with splitting child-related expenses. During the research process, we decided to add a messaging system for coparents so they can keep all of their communication regarding their children in one place.

What makes me most proud about Let’s Coparent, is that it will work for all former couples who share children. It doesn’t matter if you have a tumultuous or an amicable relationship, Let’s Coparent lets you put your child first.

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